Four in ten ‘not confident’ area will be levelled up

Fewer than half of people in the North East understand what levelling up means and more than four in ten are ‘not confident’ that their area will be levelled up, polling has found.

Asked if they understand what levelling up means, 47% of people in the region said they did, compared with 42% nationally, according to the poll carried out by FocalData for ITV News and the Centre for Cities.

Andrew Carter, chief executive of the Centre for Cities, comments: ‘On the face of it this may not sound particularly high, but when you consider that knowledge of government policy outside of ‘the bubble’ tends to be low, getting four in ten people to say they understand what levelling up means is pretty good’.

People’s priorities for levelling up were found to be better job opportunities (48%), regenerating town centres (38%) and upgrading local transport (35%). But only 21% prioritised investment in cultural facilities and 11% moving civil servants out of London to their area.

Based on these priorities, 42% of people in the North East, the same as the national figure, said they were ‘not confident’ that their area would be levelled up.