CBI calls for more devolution

A call for more devolution to help unlock regionally thriving economies came today from the employers’ organisation, the CBI.

It wants the government to deliver the promised Levelling Up White Paper, including proposals for rolling out more devolution deals and for further devolving power on skills, transport and R&D to devolved authorities in England at a scale that matches functional economic areas.

The proposal is one of a number contained in the CBI’s plan for the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, Seize the moment: How can business transform the UK economy?

The CBI’s North East regional director, Sarah Glendinning, commenting on the organisation’s plan in The Journal, writes: ‘For us to truly succeed in rebuilding the economy, levelling up must finally move from slogan to shared purpose. Lingering pockets of deprivation and left-behind communities would undermine the very principle of the new future we all strive for.

‘So where do we start? The answer is that we begin by empowering regions to help themselves. A one-size-fits-all approach to regional prosperity handed down by central government is doomed to fail’.